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Life Line to RLDS Ministries is operated by Carol Hansen, in Independence, Missouri. Carol was a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) for forty-eight years. A graduate of the RLDS Graceland College, she was an active and devoted member of the church she loved. However, after accepting the challenge to look objectively at the teachings of Joseph Smith, her staunch defense of the church crumbled. For over thirty years Carol has been involved in various ministries reaching out to Reorganized Latter Day Saints. In January 2000 she published the book Reorganized Latter Day Saint Church: Is it Christian?, which is a wealth of information on the RLDS church. She has also operates the Life Line to RLDS Ministries website to provide accurate historical and doctrinal information about the RLDS church. This information is especially for RLDS members who love and want the truth, and for non-members who are willing to contend for the faith that was “once for all entrusted to the saints” (Jude 3).

Utah Lighthouse Ministry was created by Jerald and Sandra Tanner. Jerald went to be with the Lord October 1, 2006, and is survived by Sandra, who continues to operate their wonderful ministry. For many years now, the Tanners have been among the foremost authorities on Mormon history, scriptures, doctrine and current events. Together they have authored over forty books on Mormonism, and have reprinted numerous pieces of historical Mormon literature which are simply unavailable anywhere else. Their bookstore and website are a virtual goldmine of information on the development of the Mormon faith. Anyone who writes authoritatively on Mormonism always quotes the Tanner's publications extensively. Their landmark book “Mormonism: Shadow or Reality?” continues to be the largest single volume encyclopedia of problems with the development of the Mormon religion. Every serious student of Mormonism should have it. Christians and Latter Day Saints alike owe the Tanners a debt of gratitude for their faithful service to Christ.

Concerned Christians, is operated by former Mormons and friends of ours, Jim & Judy Robertson. They lead an organization of Christians who have a desire to reach out in love to the Mormon community with the truth of God's Word, the Holy Bible. Their membership encompasses Christians and former Mormons who have come to know Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their lives. They are "an arm" of local Christian churches, with no direct affiliation with any certain denomination. Their sincere intent is to reach out to the Mormon people in a loving manner and to be in service to the Christian community by educating them about the deception of Mormonism and to equip them for service, that they might be an effective tool for God.

Christian Research Institute (CRI) is one of the largest and well-known Christian apologetics ministries in the country. CRI addresses not only Mormonism, but other cults and aberrant religious movements as well. Its president, Hank Hanegraff, hosts the nationally syndicated "Bible Answer Man" broadcast, which is aired in many metropolitan areas each week day. The founder and former president of CRI, the late Dr. Walter Martin, authored the classic book Kingdom of the Cults, which features an extensive section on Joseph Smith and Mormonism. CRI is an excellent source of materials dealing with Mormonism, as well as the historic Christian faith.

Watchman Fellowship is a Christian apologetics and counter-cult ministry with offices in eight states. Watchman Fellowship has an entire section of its website dedicated to Mormon issues, including books and articles. John Morehead, a former RLDS member, joined the staff of Watchman Fellowship in 1999. John had been a cofounder of TruthQuest Institute (Sacramento, California), which merged with Watchman Fellowship.

Mormonism Research Ministry (MRM) is the ministry of Bill McKeever. MRM has a variety of excellent books and articles on their website. They also publish a quarterly newsletter called Mormonism Researched.

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